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Piattaforma per impianti fotovoltaici

Contact Pro CER

Contact Pro CER is a platform for the creation and complete management of Renewable Energy Communities that combines Artificial Intelligence, a mobile App and the web platform to involve consumers and prosumers.
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monitoraggio impianto fotovoltaico

Monitoring via App

In addition to the Contact Pro CER platform, dedicated to the administrator of the Renewable Energy Community or Collective Self-Consumption Group, a mobile application is available, which can be used by members, which will show consumption/production data and send notifications with personalized advice.
grafici e analisi

Real-time graphs and analysis

Contact Pro CER allows you to view the energy flow data of each community resource (generation plants or energy-intensive elements) in real time, as well as monitor the economic performance of each CER or AUC. This is possible thanks to the App and the monitors positioned in the homes.
stima del rendimento impianto

AI to optimize self-consumption

Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Machine Learning algorithms analyze the data collected by measurement devices and analyze them in order to optimize the self-consumption of the Renewable Energy Community or the Collective Self-Consumption Group.
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Advanced member management

Contact Pro CER offers advanced control records for all members of the energy community, information entry and document upload.
analisi predittiva

Complete accounting management

Contact Pro CER allows precise accounting management entrusted to the CER or AUC administrator to correctly distribute the incentives to all members.
piattaforma gestione inverter multibrand

Environmental impact management

Contact Pro CER shows the impact the community is having on the environment. Specifically, it calculates the CO2 released into the atmosphere and shows the environmental benefits of the Renewable Energy Community.
Contact Pro CER for energy communities

Manage and monitor your Renewable Energy Community

When we talk about Renewable Energy Communities, we are referring to associations of private entities such as homes, commercial activities, SMEs, and the public sector which have as their aim the construction of virtuous systems of production, self-consumption and sharing of energy from renewable sources. A collaborative energy sharing model that encourages energy independence from the national electricity system.

Thanks to sociopolitical, environmental and energy factors, the Renewable Energy Communities (REC) market has experienced a dizzying surge that has led sector experts to hope for a greener future.

Who is our solution aimed at?

Municipalities and PA

Municipalities and PA

Contact Pro CER, in combination with electricity measurement devices, is the ideal solution for Municipalities that want to start a project to create a Renewable Energy Community in their territory. What we offer you is to optimize your REC, managing the community through our IoT platform.



Contact Pro CER is the solution designed for companies that want to become energy independent. Local companies thus take on a fundamental role within the small REC: they can create photovoltaic systems of up to 200 kW of power and share the benefits with other companies or condominiums, optimizing everything through our platform.


Contact Pro CER is also the useful solution for small/medium condominiums that want to be energy independent. To do this, the installation of renewable energy systems for shared use of electricity is necessary. Thanks to our platform, condominiums will have a real-time view of the building's production and consumption.
Piattaforma per impianti fotovoltaici


Organize an online demo with one of our experts.

The appointment is free and will help you understand what RECs are and what the legislation normalizes them.

Choose SmartDHOME devices

MyPM line for energy measurement

MyPM Line

MyPM01S and MyPM03S are power meters ideal for monitoring the electricity consumption data of single-phase and three-phase systems.
MyPM01S and MyPM03S send data to Contact Pro CER, providing fundamental information for the management of the Renewable Energy Community.
Interfaccia/attuatore MyMB per sistemi Modbus

Modbus Inverter

The MyMB interface/actuator for ModBus systems is a device which, connected to the inverter, collects the plant's production and consumption data, analyzes them and controls the charge level of the plant's storage systems.

A device to detect anomalies and trigger alerts.
SMMB per il monitoraggio delle stringhe fotovoltaiche

Photovoltaic strings

SMMB is a data acquisition device coming from photovoltaic strings. Measures currents, voltage and detects the status of surge protection devices.

SMMB can be connected to the MyVirtuoso Home system, thanks to the MyMB or its 4G gateway.

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