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heat accounting


RTCA is the SmartDHOME heat accounting system dedicated to all buildings that are required by law to have accounting.

The installation of an RTCA system is an energy efficiency intervention that allows you to correctly divide the costs of heating and domestic hot water in all buildings served by a single heating plant.
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Real-time consumption control via web

Thanks to the RTCA solution it's possible to control the consumption of each allocator in real time .
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Alternators with replaceable batteries

RTCA allocators are equipped with a replaceable battery. The charge level can be monitored from the platform.
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Remote mapping of allocators

All allocator mapping operations can be done remotely after installation.
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Distribution and invoicing via web

Both distribution and invoicing can be done independently via the web using real-time readings.
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Administrator and condominiums

Administrators and condominium owners can access the platform and monitor consumption.

System components

RTCA platform for heat accounting

RTCA platform: web interface and data transfer

The Web interface is a fundamental tool for reading the consumption of each home. For a more in-depth analysis, printable reports containing consumption data referring to specific periods of time are also available. The type and quantity of information that can be viewed obviously depends on the access level:

  • Super administrator
  • Administrator
  • Condominiums
heat radiator

Heat distributor

Allocators are devices which, mounted on heating elements, detect the thermal energy consumption of each apartment in order to measure heating costs.

Sending data
ISM868/GSM Gateway

The ISM868/GSM Gateway is the device for the operation of the system. It receives data from each allocator and sends it to the RTCA platform.

ISM868 Concentrator

The ISM868 Concentrator is a signal repeater that is installed in buildings higher than 5 floors or condominiums consisting of multiple staircases.

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