Control the temperature

with MyTemp

control the temperature

with MyTemp

MyTemp for the room temperature

MyTemp is a battery-powered device capable of interfacing the temperature detected in the environment with the NB-IoT and Sigfox networks.

Always keep the temperature under control and analyze the data recorded by MyTemp thanks to the Contact Pro IoT cloud platform.

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Why choose MyTemp?

Knowing the temperature of the environment in which you are located is a quick and easy solution to implement energy saving actions avoiding costly consumption.

For this reason MyTemp was born. This device collects information in real time about the ambient temperature.

Battery operated device

MyTemp does not need a direct connection to the mains. In fact, it runs on a long-lasting battery.

Dedicated App

Dedicated APP to be able to check the temperature.

Contact Pro IoT

Data collected by the Contact Pro IoT cloud platform, which allows the management of alarms in the event of a drop in yield.

CRM e Big Data

MyTemp sends the information received to Contact Pro, the cloud Big Data management system useful for evaluating the actions to be taken:


All data transmitted by MyTemp can be easily read thanks to Contact Pro IoT.

Private Users

Private users will be able to constantly monitor their consumption through the convenient application that will notify anomalies and too high consumption.

Energy Provider

The data received will be useful to energy providers to implement marketing strategies to evaluate customer engagement and customer satisfaction.


Connection Types

MyTemp sends the collected information through different networks.



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