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Internet of Boilers (IoB), a project for boilers and connected systems.

We wanted to develop a device that could connect private and industrial boilers to the network in order to foresee maintenance inteventions and carry out precise measurements on their operation.

The IoB project, started in 2018 in collaboration with Politecnico di Torino, it's now ready to help you.
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MyOT and MyMB

MyOT and MyMB are two versions of the same device that can communicate respectively with boilers that support the OpenTherm protocol and boilers that support the Modbus protocol. Choose the one that's right for you.

Maximizes the energy yield of the boiler and avoids blocking failures thanks to Predictive Maintenance.

Predictive Maintenance

Real-time control of the boiler health level to be able to offer proactive after-sales assistance.

Performance monitoring

Monitoring of performance and thermal production needs in order to maximizing the energy yield of the boiler.

Dedicated App

Dedicated APP that will allow you to control the room temperatures and the performance of your boiler to achieve maximum comfort and energy savings.

Saving Money

Saving money thanks to Predictive Mintenance wich avoids expenses caused by blocking boiler avoids expenses caused by blocking boiler failures.
myot mymb caldaie connesse

One application to control them all

A great help in the management and control of the devices on which MyOT and MyMB are installed is given by the dedicated application.

To make the most of your IoT devices for connected boilers, downloading the IoB application will be essential.

Thanks to it, you can control the operation of private and condominium / industrial boilers directly from your smartphone.

Register your devices

Enter all the devices you have installed in the application. This way you can check how it works.

Error Monitoring

The boiler product sheet shows all the data, including errors. This way they can be viewed at any time.
Applicazione IoB MyOt e MyMB


MyMB interface / actuator for systems based on Modbus protocol

The Modbus systems of the following heat pump manufacturers are compatible with the MyMB device:

Daikin, LG, Samsung, Panasonic, ATAG, Maxa, Hitachi, Unical, Ferroli, Argoclima, Baxi, Gree, Termal and Thermics-Energie.

MyMB is also compatible with the following hybrid inverter manufacturers:

Solax, Zucchetti and Solaredge.

MyOT interface / actuator for OpenTherm boilers

The boilers of the following manufacturers are compatible with the MyOT device:

Argoclima, Atag, Baxi, Beretta, Biasi Caldaie, Cosmogas, Daikin, Ferroli, Fondital, Italtherm, La Bongio, LG, Savio, Sime, Sylber, Panasonic, Ravenheat, Riello, Unicalm, Immergas, Innovita and Arca Caldaie.

From our experience, all the other brands that support the OpenTherm protocol are also normally compatible.

CRM and Big Data

MyOT and MyMB send the information received to Contact Pro, the cloud Big Data management system useful for evaluating the actions to be taken:

Predictive Maintenance

Thanks to the data transmitted by MyOT and MyMB it will be possible to know the possible malfunctions of the boiler, before it goes into lockout.

Qualitative data analysis

The creation of detailed reports allows you to specifically analyze errors or malfunctions useful to the manufacturer and to the Technical Assistance center.

Adaptive Energy Management

The real-time monitoring of the data deriving from the boiler performance allows to implement actions for energy saving.

Remote programming of parameters

Now it is possible to remotely program the parameters necessary for correct operation of the systems.

Connections Type

MyOT and MyMB send the collected information through different networks.





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